“Taking photos between snakes and feet-long-centipedes is quite an unique experience !” Steffen Jahn


Steffen Jahn photographed the Mercedes-AMG in the south of Thailand in the midst of deadly snakes and freaky one-foot-long centipedes. The photos are for a cover story for Mercedes-AMG’s customer magazine “Driving Performance”. The story is about Tobias Moers, Mercedes-AMG’s CEO, he assumed overall responsibility for the main AMG model series in 1999 and knows the car so well, that only he is able to beat himself.  So we created this twin-race.

amg_gt-r__0016_16 amg_gt-r__0006_06

The color of the car is called “jungle green“ and is a direct link to one of the mythological racetracks in the world – the German Nürburgring. This track is also called “the Green Hell“ as it runs through the woods. Nürburgring is widely regarded as the toughest and most demanding race track in the world due to its long length and sheer number of corners.


The GT-R is the more refined and powerful version of the regular GT. It’s a street-legal race car, with improved aerodynamics and design.  We endured temperatures up to 110°F and 175% humidity – and the snack for the wrap party was fried grasshopper – the big ones!


Client:  Mercedes-AMG   Publisher:  Delius-Klasing   Photographer:  Steffen Jahn