Steffen Jahn Shoots Historic Porsche Racing Book

Steffen Jahn teamed up with Stan Studios to shoot a series of historical racing Porsches for the book Mission 2014. Our Return published by Porsche. The book chronicles the heroic battle of Porsche to return to the LeMans series with the 919 hybrid race cars.

To show the close connection between the village of Weissach (home to the Porsche racing r&d division) and Porsche race history, the most iconic cars were placed in and around the town in significant locations including a small landing-strip that was Porsche’s first test strip. “Unloading and positioning the cars was a very critical and careful procedure as they are worth millions, if not completely unique and absolutely priceless,” noted Steffen. “They are like ambassadors of Porsche proud racing heritage.” All the images were shot on the best camera money can buy, the ALPA MAX, to ensure every little detail is captured in highest precision.