NEWS: Breun & Grega BMW on GoSee

Breun and Grega have featured photography for BMW M Performance on GoSee.  The power of the automobile is symbolized even more in the photos by the glowing red energy beam.  “The shoot was a lot of work because we really photographed the light beam on the location to get an authentic result… that meant for us and the team, very early calltimes – and also, going to bed very very late.”

M02_BMW_FamilyShot02_F20_F15_G12_F22_v09 M04_BMW_FamilyShot04_G12_F16_F22_v13 M09_BMW_BeautyShot03_F20_10_lk M07_BMW_BeautyShot01_F16_v05 Landscape05_v11 Landscape04_v03

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